United Airlines blasted for refund policy during coronavirus crisis

The textual content from United Airlines popped up on Joe Bushee’s Apple iphone just ahead of dinner on Sunday.

“Your flight UA366 from Hartford to Denver is canceled owing to the unparalleled conditions presently impacting travel,” it explained.

Bushee, 27, a television producer, had presently determined not to go on the trip with his faculty buddies owing to coronavirus concerns but hadn’t called United to terminate because the airline’s site urged tourists to wait around right until 72 hrs in advance of their flight. Bushee’s wasn’t due to depart right up until Thursday.

When he known as United on Monday, he requested about his reimbursement options. He needed his $364 back again and figured it was a no-brainer because United, not him, canceled the flight. He experienced acquired an fast refund for a concert in Denver that was canceled.

Bushee mentioned the agent instructed him United is not providing out refunds “at this time” and supplied a different flight to Denver or a journey credit score superior by way of December. Bushee declined.

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