Coronavirus changing how death handled at funeral, memorial services

John Maher, director at Brett Funeral Home in Milwaukee, has a sign on the front door alerting those needing the services of the funeral home of gathering changes. “Irrespective of (the restrictions), you're going to have deaths," Maher says. "So we have to keep working the best that we can."

MILWAUKEE – How we grieve – generally by holding a substantial accumulating to celebrate a lifetime – is transforming throughout the coronavirus outbreak. 

As restrictions are placed on gatherings and businesses near, funerals are being rethought to prohibit attendance. 

The practice of social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus has canceled school, postponed weddings and will alter how we keep funerals. 

Funeral homes are adapting to reduced attendance for end of existence celebrations and ask families to consider a scaled-down funeral or even wait until right after the pandemic to maintain a large memorial service.

Funeral homes ask families to consider a smaller funeral or wait to do a large memorial service after the pandemic is over.

“Irrespective of (the limits), you are likely to have deaths,” reported John Maher, the director of Brett Funeral Residence. “So we have to hold working the very best that we can. … May well there be an improve? I am concerned to say there likely will be.”

Religious expert services will improve to let for social distancing. The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee is not keeping funerals. Bishop Steven Miller said in a letter that “till the time of social distancing can be ended,” there would be no funerals.

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